Calina Gratcheva

Owner of The Magic Maidenhead tavern


Calina grew up in Lepidstadt. Her grandfather had been an officer in the City Watch and her father had many run-ins with the City Watch. Calina worked in more of a gray area, doing what was profitable and somehow avoiding the scrutiny of the City Watch. She and Serin were friends growing up, but hadn’t spoken since he left for Caliphas.

About a year ago, her father got involved in a get-rich scheme with a group of local treasure hunters. He was killed while scouring the ruins of an ancient city, unwittingly crossing into an area held sacred by the local tribal lizardmen. She now owns a tavern in the docks area called The Magic Maidenhead.

Sometime in the past year, she brokered a deal for Petr Kirov to hire a crew for an expedition into an area east of Lepidstadt.

Calina Gratcheva

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