Lev Mokashev

A stout dwarf native to Vieland, he retired from adventuring early after suffering a permanently withered right arm.


Dwarf, Ftr7/Exp4


Lev grew up in Lepidstadt, his family working as a liaison between the clan and the human population. His family remained in Lepidstadt working with buyers of the materials the clan mined in the orc-infested peaks on the county’s western border. After his sister was kidnapped by orcs on a return trip from the mountains, Lev took up the axe and searched for his sister, killing every orc he came across.

After searching for years, it became apparent the orcs had done something with his sister and he widened his search, convinced she was still alive. Eventually, his search led him into a dangerous nest of ghouls plaguing his clan from depths of Golarion. It was here he suffered his withered limb and was forced to give up the search when no magic could restore it. Reluctantly, and with a heavy heart, he returned to Lepidstadt with his final trophy and opened “The Jawbone”, as it’s known to the regulars.

His companions have continued the search, vowing to not return without their clansman’s sister.

Lev Mokashev

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