Petr Kirov

A local scholar at the University of Lepidstadt


Male Human Aristrocrat


Petr is an Ustalav native who grew up in Orsk, a small village in the foothills north of Tamrivena. Though most villagers were superstitious and distrusting, Petr exhibited an unusual curiosity about everything. Not a single member of his family was surprised when he left to study ancient religions at the University of Lepidstadt. Neither were they surprised when he continued his studies as a professor there.

Though his family may not be surprised, their incessant pleas for him to settle down, start a family, and return Orsk has left Petr distant from them. He returns home for festivals, but spends his remaining time in Lepidstadt or studying the ruins and megalithic sites around the county of Vieland.

From his studies and since his tenure at the University, Petr has become something of an expert in the the monoliths that dot the remote Vieland countryside. Recently, he has been excited about a new discovery, though he has yet to share that discovery with his colleagues at the University.

Petr Kirov

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