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  • Framed!

    p. After 10 years, [[:serin]] returns to Lepidstadt for a good [[:fillyp-asimov|friend and mentor's]] funeral. [[:fillyp-asimov]] taught him much of what he knows and news of his death reached him in Caliphas. Not knowing what to expect, he meets [[:petr- …

  • The Ghoul's Jawbone

    A neighborhood tavern in Lepidstadt frequented by locals and transients alike. The owner is a former adventurer, [[:lev-mokashev]], native to Vieland who retired early. The tavern's namesake, and a twisted one at that, sits (mystically preserved) in a …

  • The Magic Maidenhead

    p. This tavern is found near the docks in Lepidstadt. It stands out from the others of the district because it is far less rambunctious than the others as it is frequented by customs inspectors, traveling merchants, and ships officers rather than the …

  • Alena Daley

    Alena is a history scholar who operates a curio shop in Lepidstadt's market district. There she sells research services and mundane artifacts.