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  • Beast of Lepidstadt

    p. The Beast of Lepidstadt is something different depending on who you ask. Some say he's a folktale, something made up to scare children into behaving. Others claim to have witnessed the Beast's brutality, giving accounts of the creature tearing someone …

  • Petr Kirov

    p. Petr is an Ustalav native who grew up in Orsk, a small village in the foothills north of Tamrivena. Though most villagers were superstitious and distrusting, Petr exhibited an unusual curiosity about everything. Not a single member of his family was …

  • Stefanya Gurov

    p. In werewolf form, Stefanya is a vicious creature, covered in brown fur. Her human-like eyes glow a pale red in the moonlight.

  • Lev Mokashev

    p. Lev grew up in Lepidstadt, his family working as a liaison between the clan and the human population. His family remained in Lepidstadt working with buyers of the materials the clan mined in the orc-infested peaks on the county's western border. After …

  • Fillyp Asimov

    p. Fillyp was [[:serin|Serin's]] mentor when the youngster first ran away from home to live on the streets. p. After Serin left, Fillyp continued to scavenge on the streets for the next few years before deciding to turn his life around. He met [[:petr …

  • Pavel Godina

    p. Pavel is [[:feona-peskow|Professor Peskow's]] assistant at the university. He meets with students and occasionally teaches classes for her while she is a away.

  • Vladmir Zacharov

    p. Vlad is a tracker of some renown with the Vieland militia. He operates at a small outpost along the main trade caravan route with the dwarves and the markets in Lepidstadt.

  • Calina Gratcheva

    p. Calina grew up in Lepidstadt. Her grandfather had been an officer in the City Watch and her father had many run-ins with the City Watch. Calina worked in more of a gray area, doing what was profitable and somehow avoiding the scrutiny of the City Watch …

  • Alena Daley

    Alena is a history scholar who operates a curio shop in Lepidstadt's market district. There she sells research services and mundane artifacts.